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Athletify is a group welcoming peace-loving people, motivated and active to learn. Sharing your UNIQUENESS through a fit, athletic lifestyle!

Our goal is to help you incorporate a bit of athletics into a worldwide community.

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For all COACHES: Feel free to ask for recommendations to teach or conduct workshops in a new city you travel to!

Laurence Cartwright

For all ATHLETES: Ask for other talented trainers or other athletes to train with!

For all TRAVELERS: Use the group to ask for spontaneous meet-up and even training sessions with athletes or trainers!

We are not only a group – we are a community to assist you with enriching your athletic lifestyle, finding others to explore the athletic adventures in the world with, and help empower you with the right fitness tipps while you are out traveling! In our vision, people inspire each other to be more athletic in life, wherever they are. Post your active travel experience, recommend training spots and share the love for movement by meeting up with other athletes worldwide!

The Basics:

1)      You love to TRAVEL the world, experience new cultures and interact with PEOPLE globally. We all share active travel experiences. From the best running tracks, secret workout groups or healthy food spots. Personal and lovely against mainstream and industrial!

2)      You enjoy MOVEMENT in any form. FITNESS and SPORTS is a main part of your life, or you aim to make it as such. From beginner Yogis to Olympic athletes, we all can learn from each other and appreciate new styles of movement!

3)      You are open to LEARN from others, their experiences. We can never stop sharing and receiving knowledge! Feel free to share your own blog posts or exciting articles and links.

4)      You love diversity in cultures and people and are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You believe that PEOPLE make places SPECIAL.

5)      We SUPPORT each other, do post and recommend any of your friends who would like to be official community TRAINERS! All comments are to spread happiness, care and love.

6)      Any sales CAMPAIGNS or MARKETING, please refer to the VALUE and BENEFIT you can provide to the members of the group! Either through special discounts or exclusive entrance or service (always refer to the admin for special promotion help). We want to create a family feeling of uniqueness in the athletic community worldwide.

7)      Anyone´s Social Media FOLLOW ME posts are allowed only when tagged with an official ATHLETIFIER Profile Link!  We all aim to create transparency about our unique personalities and limitless talents, with structure and safety!

8)      You are happy to CONNECT to other athletes and travelers across the world. Personal meet-ups to work out together or just show the other person inside views into the health and fitness culture of your chosen home are supported and wanted!

Connect to grow in physical and mental development. Spread kindness and consideration.

(!!!) We reserve the right to remove haters, spammers and inappropriate, disrespectful, offensive spam posts/comments, content which is deemed to be shared disrespectful and careless of this group and our members.

Anytime, Anywhere you are, share love. When posting please do it with kindness and in consideration of other members!**

Smile always, Safe Travels and keep moving!Thank You


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