Connect with real people who share your passion in travelling an sport and knowing exactly what you want-whether during your business Trip your semester abroad or during vacation across the world



Post your experience while travelling around the world meeting people and doing your favorite Sport together. Show your best Fotos your funny Videos and your best advice and best places for sport in different Citys.



Dont waste the best time of your vacation by test differnent Gyms or finding a nearby Yoga-Class. Athletify Partner present special offers for short term ease of useing theire facilities participation to Fitness or Recreation Classes or provide Personal Trainer


Sport- and Travel Community Athletify the World

Athletifier all around the world like to share theire passion in any kind of Sports with you. From walking, swimming, boxing to Team Sport or professional Championship preparation you should find Partners everywhere to be motivated to have no fitness break during your Trip

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You are alone in a foreign City – not knowing safe areas or a promenade wher you can go for a run after your business meeting or during  a sunny day  at vacation nearby your Accomodation.

You need someone with your skills your age and your gender and someone sharing same Activities.

So have a look at your Athletify-App and you can see how many Athletifier or Partner are around and check out the right profil that fit close to your requirements

Check out Athletifiers and ask for  get together for  running, gymnastic, dancing or what ever you common passion is


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